Geschichte Nordamerikas auf Karten – Fokus: “Native American Maps & Explorers of the West”

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Im Internet hat es einige Karten (digital und gedruckt) rund um das Thema der Geschichte Nordamerikas. Die meisten Links sind auf Englisch. Herausgesucht wurde der Themenschwerpunkt Kartenmaterial der Indianer – gestern und heute – und die Angebote von Google Earth Education bei denen es um die Entdeckung Nordamerikas geht. Gerne kann den SuS, um zu verdeutlichen, wo alles statt fand auch der Testviewer des Bundes, auf der Basis von OpenStreetMap Karten, gezeigt werden – “”:

Indian Maps, Mapping, and Geographic Knowledge

Maps drawn by Indians and Indian mapping abilities have been documented in a number of sources, but because of their ephemeral nature, relatively few Indian-created maps exist today. The indigenous population was often sought out by European explorers to guide or provide geographical information about unknown lands, and Indian guides were also often enlisted to provide reconnaissance data for military and commercial activities Responses to solicitations for geographic information were sometimes given in a cartographic format. The cartographic and geographic information provided by Indian guides could appear in the explorer’s report and might eventually be incorporated into published maps. Maps drawn by Indians, as well as evidence of their contributions to European-created maps, are valuable and rare documents for studying Indian peoples’ geographical knowledge and spatial understanding. They complement the oral record, and they also help establish and clarify the Indians’ role as guides and informants in furthering European explorations in North America. The Geography and Map Division does not have original examples of Native American cartography that pre-date European contact, but it has two eighteenth-century manuscripts created by Indians for use by Europeans and a few reproductions and facsimiles of other maps drawn by Indians (source: Link) .

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oder Geschichte hinter der wahrscheinlich Cherokee “Deerskin Map”: Link

/Cartography, Cherokees and a Deerskin Map oder: Indian Spatial Concepts

Digitized Maps

The maps in this section have been digitized by the Library and are available for viewing and download online. Select the link on the map or in the caption to view a copy of the map that can be enlarge to view the detail.



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